Victor's Mom (real name unknown) is one of the minor characters who appeared in Victor the Delivery Dog.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Victor's Mom is shown to be a human Caucasian female with purple hair, with a combination of a small ponytail, and small bang, with a yellow headband with red dots on them, she also has freckles on her face and blue eyes. She also wears a long sleeve black shirt with green sleeves, blue jeans and pink shoes.


Victor's Mom has raised Victor since he was a puppy to be a great delivery dog, even telling him that when he help people, he will be rewarded with food (by her of course). When Victor grew up to be a delivery dog, Mom appeared and feed him his 9:00 breakfast, but consider putting him on a diet after seeing eat too much. Later when she let Victor go on his route she told him to be home at 12:00 pm for lunch and 5:00 pm for dinner.

At 12:00 pm Mom made a giant hamburger with two patties, cheese, lettuces, and bacon but when she notice that Victor didn't come she believe him to be busy and threw his lunch out the window, giving to the the other dogs.

In her final appearance in the short, when she notice it was 5:00 pm and Victor still hasn't came yet she thinks he is on a diet and got rid of the giant cooked chicken and fed it to the other dogs again (In which she threw it in the oven, then used her foot to increase the heat of the oven and caused the chicken to blast out of the house and to the dogs.)


  • Victor's Mom is voiced by Jennifer Hale
  • She is shown to be extremely skin, as shown in her final appearance when she plan to get rid of Victor's Dinner.