For the episode, go to Solomon Fix (short).

Solomon Fix is a "magic" teddy bear seen in the first Random! Cartoons short, Solomon Fix. He is friends with Klemp, Ned, and Mumpy and has met Chipmonk 1, Chipmonk 2, and the Troll. Solomon is nosy, and usually goes places he isn't supposed to be.
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Solomon is yellow and has a black nose. He has black pupils. He has pink lips and white teeth. He has a pink toungue.


Solomon has only appeared in one Random! Cartoons short. That short is:

Solomon was in many scenes in the short Solomon Fix.



"I'm comin' Ned!"


"This is my business. This is your business."

"Goodbye, house! Have a good day!"

"Ow! My head! I'll never think again!"

"Klemp! Oh hey Klemp!"

"My human didn't beat me up nearly as much as I though he would."

"Hello Mumpy!"

"Oh! Nothing! Nothing at all."

"I'm gonna make Ned a kite!"

"Pardon me. My name is Solomon Fix. I'm here to fix your problem!"

"Nay, my rodent pier."

"Ned? Ned!"

"Why did you wish for me if you just intend to bonk me with your flashlight?'

"We fly into the jaws of death to save an innocent child as if saving a twin from the refiner's fire!"

"I thought the troll was gonna eat you."

"I'm a....I'm a mess!"

"It is I your secret stuffed friend, Solomon FIX!"

"Klemp, how could you forget the first law of the stuffed animal code?!"

""Foul troll, unhand my human!"


"Well....heh, heh, heh."

"Eeh-ah-ooh-ah-eeh! Aaahh-ooh-eeh-aah-ooh-aah-eeh!"

"Oh no."

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