Sailor Bird is a one of the main characters of the Random! Cartoon short "MooBeard the pirates"

Physical AppearanceEdit

Sailor Bird is shown to be anthropomorphic yellow feathered bird with red hair and green eyes. She also sports a white and blue female sailor suit with matching hat and white knee high socks and black Mary Janes.


  • Navigation = Sailor Bird said that she's the navigator on the ship, meaning she has can read maps and know which direction to go.
  • Pecking = As a bird, Sailor Bird can use her break to peck.


Sailor Bird made her appearance when she ask Moobeard where they going to find some cash for food and Moobeard showed her a map to the hidden treasure of Hookamookapookalapp, which Moobeard claim to know they are going to the right direction but Sailor Bird said that since she's the navigator of the ship, she'll see if they are in the right way, in which after licking her index finger and pointed to the air, she confirm that they are heading to the right direction.


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