Girls On The Go





Created by

Aliki Theofilopoulos

Directed by

Randy Myers


January 24, 2009

Girls on the GO! is a Random! Cartoons short, created by Aliki Theofilopoulos. The short's production origins date back to March 2006. The 7-minute animated short revolves around Katerina "Kat" Metropoulos going on a date.


The short starts out with Kat in class, learning about the Romantic Period of English Literature. Kat begins taking notes in her notebook, sketching potential boys to date. Shortly thereafter, her teacher takes her notes and shows them to the class, embarrassing Kat. Later on, during passing period, Kat opens her locker to find a mysterious love note. She spends the rest of the next few moments smiling, while she transitions to a later scene, at the cafeteria. It is here that we are introduced to the other characters.

The girls (Kat, Tess, Gypcy, and Kelly) are at the table, but Gypcy and Kelly leave shortly thereafter, because Tess smells nasty. However, Tess stays around, and hears about Kat's new love interest, Spencer. Tess wrongly identifies Spencer Spencerson as Kat's lover, which will have more impact later on in the short. 

The two go back to Kat's house and take "5 lessons on how to get a guy" from TeenScene magazine. Now, the date is ready, The next scene takes place at a fancy restaurant called, "Le Palace de Hors D'oeuvres".

Kat tells herself that she's ready for the date, while Tess surveys it from a measurable distance. Kat turns around, expecting a handsome man, but gets Spencer Applebaum, a small, ill-mannered boy, in return. Their date is full of complications, mostly on Spencer's part. He farts, sneezes boogers, shows a picture of him and Captain Galacticon, while Kat tries her best to play along. The date ends when Spencer has a sudden allergic reaction to shrimp. 

The next morning, Kat and the crew (except Tess) talk about Kat's date at Hollywood Smoothies. When Tess comes in, she has a date - Spencer Applebaum! Kat and Spencer exchange shocked looks. Kat becomes shocked when Spencer says he's Spencer Applebaum. When the others leave, Kat decides to stay and sketch. Only then does she start drawing a cute guy who is just offscreen. He comes up and sets a drawing of Kat next to her drawing of him. The guy is actually Kat's intended boyfriend. The show ends when he introduces himself: "Hi. I'm Spencer.... Spencer Spencerson. Mind if I join you?"


  • Katerina "Kat" Metropoulos (voiced by Danica McKellar)
  • Contessa "Tess" (voiced by Frankie Ingrassia)
  • Gypcy
  • Kelly
  • Spencer Applebaum (voiced by Quinton Flynn)
  • Spencer Spencerson (voiced by Quinton Flynn)
  • Mrs. Dusenberry