The second episode of Random! Cartoons.

The Finster Finster Show!: Store WarsEdit


Created by Jeff DeGrandis
Directed by Jeff DeGrandis


Meet Finster and Finster. They're two brothers with a passion for television and sibling rivalry. When Mrs. Finster tears them away from the TV to take a trip to the supermarket, they devise a plan to drag the television with them-the only snag in the plan being that their precious TV is then stolen by angry chickens, ready for battle.

Voice CastEdit

Voice Actors: Character(s):
Billy West Finster 1, Johnny Space Guy, Pilot#1, Space Thug
Charlie Adler Finster 2, Evil Leader, Pilot#2, Space Thug
Finster's Mom, Chicken #2 Tress MacNeille
Jeff DeGrandis Chicken #1

Production notes / ChangesEdit

Jeff DeGrandis created The Finster Brothers when he was a student at CalArts in 1983 for a potential short. He pitched the concept to Frederator Studios when he was inquired to direct Kyle Carrozza's MooBeard: the Cow Pirate. He even recorded the dialogue at the same date he recorded his beta-short when he was in CalArts.


  • Jeff DeGrandis was also directing MooBeard and later Mike Gray's Thom Cat when he did this short.

Adventure TimeEdit


Created by Pendleton Ward
Directed by Pendleton Ward


Finn and his trusty dog, Jake, have their peaceful day interrupted when they discover that Princess Bubblegum has been kidnapped by the Evil Ice King! They immediately come to her aid. What time is it? Adventure time!

Voice CastEdit

Voice Actors: Character(s):
Zack Shada Pen the Human
John DiMaggio Jake the Dog, Ice Clops
Paige Moss Princess Bubblegum
John Kassir Ice King, Elemental
Dee Bradley Baker Lady Rainicorn, Snow Golem
Pendleton Ward Abraham Lincoln, Old Man

Production notes / ChangesEdit

Pendleton Ward created these characters when he was in CalArts and pitched the concept to when some networks were accepting pitches from local CalArt students. His "Adventure Time" pitch was rejected. After graduating, he was approached by head developer of Frederator, Eric Homan, who saw his CalArts film, to try to pitch to Frederator's Oh Yeah! Cartoons fourth season (before it was changed to Random! Cartoons) and he got the green light, making it his first commercial project outside of CalArts. He was in charge of the storyboards, voice direction, writing and character designing, and got several of his classmates to help with the production, in which one of them, Adam Muto, later pitch their own concept to Frederator (SamSquatch!). Pendleton even provided the voice of Abraham Lincoln and the Old Man. The short was nominated for Annie Awards and to make sure, Pendleton Ward uploaded the short on YouTube so the ASIFA-Hollywood members could watch and vote on it. Millions of viewers watched it and it became popular. However, despite a pitch package being made, Nickelodeon was not interested in making Adventure Time into a series. But, Cartoon Network picked the series up and it remains a popular series today.

Differences between the short and the TV series:

  • Finn was named Pen in the short and was voiced by Zack Shada; the older brother of Finn's voice actor Jeremy Shada
  • Princess Bubblegum became a scientist princess and voiced by Hynden Walch
  • Ice King's voiced by Tom Kenny instead of John Kassir and gains a backstory on being a human researcher named Simon Petrikov cursed under the magic of the crown to be a wizard
  • Lady Rainicorn speaks in coos rather than Korean done by Niki Yang
  • Abraham Lincoln becomes the former King of Mars in the series
  • The series becomes a post-apocalyptic world in the Adventure Time series


  • Since Cartoon Network hold all legal rights to Adventure Time, this entire Random! Cartoons episode was ommitted for reruns.

Mind the KittyEdit


Created by Anne Walker
Directed by Anne Walker and Scott O'Brien


What promises to be the world's easiest babysitting job turns into a nightmare as Duck the duck, Punky the turtle, and Lemurman the lemur are locked out of the house by a psychotic kitten named Tabby, who's intent on making the evening a (painful) memory they'll never forget!

Voice CastEdit

Voice Actors: Character(s):
Dee Bradley Bear Tabby, Duck the Duck
Jeff Bennett Punky the Turtle
Rodger Bumpass Lemurman the Lemur
Lynn MacLean Tabby's Mom

Production notes / ChangesEdit

Anne Walker, an employee of Renegade Animation, pitched the concept and got the greenlight. It was animated in-house at Renegade Animation in California.


  • A now lost game was made where the babysitters had to find a way to get back into Tabby's house before her mom comes home.

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